Live - Slagerij Van Kampen - Muziek - KAMPFIRE MUSIC - 5413356817324 - 30 september 1999
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Slagerij Van Kampen

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Verwachte levering 12 - 23 jul.
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The awesome drumpower of Slagerij Van Kampen The most innovating band of Holland. You never before heard or seen drums like these. Acoustic power with harmonic arrangements. The coloured compositions, written by the founders and leader artists of the band Willem van Kruijsdijk and Mies Wilbrink, are collected in more than 10 albums and performed live by four drummers and one multi-instrumentalist. You have to experience Slagerij Van Kampen "live": hear, watch and, above all feel it. The live-albums are a true reproduction of what happens during a show: cool music with a big power of expression, an awesome drum power linked to elctronics! But above all this is where drums become music, all albums and the DVD show what a great concept they have found. Not the drums of a marching band, not another ethnic percussion club or a drumcircle, no, they mean business, kicking ass, drums that rock! These drums are music. This album is live and it rocks!

Media Muziek     CD   (Compact Disc)
Aantal schijven 1
Vrijgegeven 30 september 1999
EAN/UPC 5413356817324
Label KAMPFIRE MUSIC CDB5637474990.2
Genre Pop
Afmetingen 112 g

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