I Fall To Pieces - Gems From The Brunswick Uk Vaults - V/A - Muziek - ONE DAY MUSIC - 5060259820380 - 29 juli 2013
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I Fall To Pieces - Gems From The Brunswick Uk Vaults

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I Fall To Pieces - Gems From The Brunswick Uk Vaults

I Fall To Pieces - Gems From The Brunswick Uk Vaults is a compilation of 60 sixties tracks released as 3-CD on 29 Jul 2013. I Fall To Pieces - Gems From The Brunswick Uk Vaults includes a.o. the following tracks: " Patsy Cline- I Fall To Pieces", " Brenda Lee- Speak To Me Pretty", " The Cinderellas- Yum, Yum, Yum", " Earl Grant- House Of Bamboo" and more.

.. UK VAULTS 1959-1962 // I FALL TO PIECES

Media Muziek     CD   (Compact Disc)
Aantal schijven 3
Vrijgegeven 29 juli 2013
EAN/UPC 5060259820380
Label ONE DAY MUSIC IMT10964030.2
Genre Sixties
Afmetingen 127 × 139 × 15 mm   ·   121 g

Track lijst

  1. 1.   CD  

    1. Patsy Cline- I Fall to Pieces
    2. Carl Dobkins Jr.- My Heart is an Open Book
    3. Brenda Lee- Speak to Me Pretty
    4. Jimmy Donley- the Shape You Left Me in
    5. Buddy Holly- Rock Around with Ollie Vee
    6. Dante- Bye Bye Baby
    7. Bob Beckham- Just As Much As Ever
    8. Bill Haley & the Comets- Caldonia
    9. The Cinderellas- Yum, Yum, Yum
    10. Earl Grant- House of Bamboo
    11. Bobby Helms- New River Train
    12. Bobby Darin- Hear Them Bells
    13. The Four Aces- the Inn of the Sixth Happiness
    14. Carmen Mcrae- Come On, Come in
    15. The Kalin Twins- Oh My Goodness
    16. Roy Drusky- Just About That Time
    17. Brenda Lee- I'm Sorry
    18. The Perry Sisters- Willie Boy
    19. Rod Mckuen- Time After Time
    20. Webb Pierce- I Ain't Never
  2. 2.   CD  

    1. The Rockin' Saints- Cheat on Me Baby
    2. Brenda Lee- Sweet Nothin's
    3. Burl Ives- a Little Bitty Tear
    4. Carl Dobkins Jr.- if You Don't Want My Lovin'
    5. Bob Beckham- Crazy Arms
    6. Earl Grant- Tender is the Night
    7. The Kalin Twins- Moody
    8. Webb Pierce- No Love Have I
    9. Ginny Arnell- Carnival
    10. Bobby Helms- Hurry Baby
    11. Patsy Cline- Crazy
    12. Bill Haley & His Comets- Joey's Song
    13. Brenda Lee- Emotions
    14. Malcolm Dodds- This is Real
    15. Peggy Lee- It Ain't Necessarily So
    16. The Four Aces- the World Outside
    17. Sandra Dee- Tammy Tell Me True
    18. Roy Drusky- Three Hearts in a Tangle
    19. The Wilburn Brothers- That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine
    20. Jimmy Durante- Shine on Harvest Moon
  3. 3.   CD  

    1. Brenda Lee- It Started All over Again
    2. Bobby Darin- the Greatest Builder
    3. Carl Dobkins Jr- Lucky Devil
    4. Buddy Holly- Midnight Shift
    5. Earl Grant- Not One Minute More
    6. Guy Warren- Monkies and Butterflies
    7. Jimmy Donley- What Must I Do
    8. The Kalin Twins- Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
    9. Malcolm Dodds- Tremble
    10. Bill Haley & the Comets- I Got a Woman
    11. Patsy Cline- Heartaches
    12. Roy Drusky- Wait and See
    13. Bob Beckham- Your Sweet Love
    14. Rock Hudson- Pillow Talk
    15. Brenda Lee- I Want to Be Wanted
    16. Sam Hawkins- Let Me Be
    17. Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys- Gotta Travel on
    18. The Four Aces- Waltzing Matilda
    19. Webb Pierce- All I Need is You
    20. Carmen Cavallaro- Moon River

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