Sea of E - Royal Family / Poor - Muziek - LTM - 5024545243826 - 1 juli 2003
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Sea of E

Royal Family / Poor

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Sea of E

LTM are pleased to announce a comprehensive programme of CD reissues by The Royal Family & the Poor the cult avant-folk-noise collective overseen by reclusive Liverpudlian bard Michael Keane. Formed by Mike Keane & Arthur McDonald in 1978 the duo's early Situationist agenda saw them join Factory Records & appear on the Factory Quartet compilation in 1980. Another early member was Nathan McGough later manager of Happy Mondays. After 1981 the band consisted of Keane alone.

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Media Muziek     CD   (Compact Disc)
Aantal schijven 1
Vrijgegeven 1 juli 2003
EAN/UPC 5024545243826
Label LTM LTMR6605.2
Genre Pop
Afmetingen 125 × 136 × 5 mm   ·   90 g

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