Patton - Patton [edizione: Regno Unito] - Films - 20th Century Fox - 5039036017626 - 5 juli 2004
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Patton [edizione: Regno Unito]

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PATTON is a three-dimensional bronze bust of World War II field general George S. Patton (George C. Scott) who wrote poetry, fired pistols at strafing fighter planes, and loved America with a lofty and historical zeal. Tracing his personal rivalries with such generals as Rommel and Montgomery, his problematic treatment of his own men, and his nearly runaway contempt for diplomacy, the film triumphs as an enduring portrait of a complex and larger-than-life figure. PATTON was recipient of 10 Academy Award Nominations and winner of eight, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor--Scott, Best (Adapted) Screenplay--Francis Ford Coppola/Edmund H. North. The special edition features a behind-the-scenes feature, production stills, and a running audio commentary on the production.

Media Films     DVD
Aantal schijven 1
Vrijgegeven 5 juli 2004
EAN/UPC 5039036017626
Label 20th Century Fox 01005VDVD
Genre Drama
Afmetingen 200 g   (Gewicht (geschat))
Regio code Region 2   (Europa)
Taal en grammatica Engels  
Ondertitels Deens
Let op Deze film is niet ondertiteld in Nederlands

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