Mean Girls - Mean Girls - Films - Paramount Pictures - 5014437853738 - 18 oktober 2004
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Mean Girls

Mean Girls

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Mean Girls

Satirical survival-of-the-fittest teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron, a pretty 15-year-old who has spent most of her life in the wilds of Africa being home-schooled by her zoologist parents. Her upbringing has taught her a lot about survival in the wilderness and the subtleties of animal behaviour, but nothing she has learned can prepare her for the unspoken social etiquette of a mid-American high school, where jocks, cheerleaders, stoners and cool kids jostle for popularity, and a clique of rich and popular girls known as 'the Plastics' rule the school. This group of alpha females, led by 'professional life-ruiner' Regina George (Rachel McAdams), is initially contemptuous of Cady but then accepts her as a new member.

Cady, who in the meantime has become friends with punky misfits Janis and Damian, starts to get close to the 'mean girls', initially out of curiosity - but it isn't long before she's enjoying the buzz of being one of the most popular girls in the school. However, when she inadvertently crosses the line by going on a date with one of Regina's ex-boyfriends, the gorgeous Aaron (Jonathan Bennett), the Plastics go on the warpath, and Cady must pay for her initiation into their mean Plastic world.

Media Films     DVD
Aantal schijven 1
Vrijgegeven 18 oktober 2004
EAN/UPC 5014437853738
Label Paramount Pictures PHE8537
Genre Komedie
Afmetingen 190 × 136 × 16 mm   ·   88 g
Speeltijd 01:33:00
Regio code Region 2   (Europa)
Taal en grammatica Engels  
Ondertitels Deens
Let op Deze film is niet ondertiteld in Nederlands
Directeur Mark Waters
Skuespiller Lindsay Lohan
Skuespiller Rachel McAdams
Skuespiller Daniel Franzese
Skuespiller Lacey Chabert
Skuespiller Lizzy Caplan
Skuespiller Amanda Seyfried
Skuespiller Jonathan Bennett
Skuespiller Tina Fey
Skuespiller Tim Meadows
Skuespiller Amy Poehler
Skuespiller Ana Gasteyer
Skuespiller Neil Flynn
Skuespiller Rajiv Surendra
Skuespiller Elana Shilling
Skuespiller Graham Kartna

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